Data Collector

Discover the features

• Data collecting

Collect geographic information as GeoPoints and record GPS tracks (with GeoPoints on it), with basic information about distance and duration

• GeoPoint

Record GeoPoint at current location, specific coordinate or location picked from map. Set type, user, project and number for every GeoPoint. App has predefined set of mountaineering/hiking and geological types for GeoPoints

• Your data is backed up and safe

Collected GeoPoints are stored and backed up in SQLite database

• Use collected data on computer

With support for various formats, you can use your collected data on your computer in GIS applications

• GeoPoints

Export recorded GeoPoints as SQLite database or in other supported formats (CSV, KML, GPX or GeoJSON)

• GPS tracks

GPS tracks can be recorded in various formats (GPX, KML or GeoJSON)

• Support for offline maps

Multiple offline maps formats are supported (tiles for Google Maps, RMaps and MBTiles). You can use number of GIS applications (e.g. Global Mapper, QGIS) to easily export any map you have (wether it be orienteering, geological or topographic map, plan of infrastructure or something else) and use it in GeoMapper Data Collector as overlay or base map.

• Transparency control for combining multiple maps

Set transparency for every displayed map and combine them with Google Maps (Normal, Hybrid, Satellite, Terrain or none) or with other maps you have

• Coordinate formats

View coordinates in various formats (DD, DMS, MGI (VGI)/Balkans, UTM and MGRS). You can read coordinates of your current location, pick location from map or center map on specific coordinates. For coordinate conversion to MGI (VGI)/Balkans zone 5/6/7 (used on topographic maps in Yugoslavia), Helmert transformation is used 

Other Features

Use Google Maps

If your device have internet connection, you can use Google Maps

Online maps

If you have access to some online TMS or WMS maps, you can easily use them


Share your location

You can easily share your location, save it as KML file or simply copy it to clipboard


Position details

You can view basic details in textual form and have Apps basic functionality, in order to lower your battery consumption


Center map

Enter coordinates to move and center map on specific location


Customize map controls

Use map settings to turn off some map controls or enable hidding/showing all map controls with singe tap


Use EGM96

Correct elevation with Earth Gravitational Model created by National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA, former NIMA)


Use other GPS tracks

Import and use GPS track files recorded on other devices and apps



Notification panel with location coordinates and information about distance and duration, with additional buttons for adding GeoPoint, start/stop track recording and closing notification panel

Satellite details

View visible satellites and their details

NMEA data

Log raw GPS data (NMEA sentences)


Use built in compass from your device with information about current heading